Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and Vitamin D

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Seasonal Affective Disorder, which coincidentally has the acronym SAD, refers to symptoms of depression that occur seasonally, with the emergence of symptoms during the fall and winter months, and a dissipation of those symptoms once winter transitions into spring. SAD can occur in those who already suffer from depression, but it can also affect those […]

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Picky Eating

Picky Eating: Why Children with Autism are Different

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Picky eating is an issue experienced by many parents, and there are typically very behavioral solutions proposed to parents. Often parents are encouraged to hold firm in their expectations and not negotiate on what will and won’t be eaten. For example, if the expectation is that the child will try one bite of each food […]

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Does My Child Have Autism? Part 2: The Tricks (and Treats!) of High Functioning Autism

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In a previous post I addressed the most common “tell-tale” signs and symptoms of Autism While the majority of “typical” kids on the autism spectrum will exhibit some, if not the majority, of these symptoms, there is a subset of kids that can be especially challenging to diagnose with autism because their behaviors and symptoms […]

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13 reasons review

13 Reasons Review: A Follow-Up to Address the Seriousness of Teen Suicide

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* Important to note before reading: Recently, Dr. Cindy Anderson wrote a blog post entitled, “Teen Suicide and 13 Reasons Why,” addressing the controversy about the book and tv series, 13 Reasons Why. To give this article context, I would encourage you to read (and re-read!) that article prior to reading this post.   As […]

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Child Psychologist Post: Exercise Ideas to Help with Winter Blues

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Shake the Sillies Out: Tips for Parents to Help Their Kids Overcome Winter Blues A few weeks ago, as temperatures plummeted to below zero, we were all reminded that winter is fiercely knocking at the door. The combination of freezing temperatures and shorter hours of daylight doesn’t initially seem so bad. At first the snow […]

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How to Have a Great Summer with Your Kids

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The best part of this is that all of the above steps can be accomplished while engaged in a very simple activity for a very short period of time. If you’re able to set aside even 15 minutes a day for this special time with your children, you will likely see the impact of your quality time spent with them very quickly. It’s much quicker and cheaper than a trip to Adventureland too!

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Child Psychologist Post: Picky Eater or Eating Disorder

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Do you have a child who hates certain foods? Or a child that would rathe do anything else but eat? Maybe they run and hide when a fruit or vegetable hits their plate? You are not alone. You could be raising a picky eater. Many parents struggle with getting their kids to eat what’s on their plate, especially if it’s green or holds any significant nutritional value. Picky eating is common, especially among younger children, yet at times you may wonder if your child is TOO picky.

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