Happy Nowruz

Spring in the New year!

The snow is melting and we can breathe in the fresh air once again. It’s a time for new beginnings, renewal, fresh energy, cleansing, and new habits. The natural world around us is going through a change and we can also go through some internal changes with it.

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Checking news on devices

How to Survive Tragic News Headlines

There have been many tragic events in the news lately. Whenever we even look at headlines, we are alerted to heartbreak, both locally and abroad. Because of the 24-hour news cycle, messages about shootings, plane crashes, assaults, abuse and human rights violations are always present.

The news can be violent, depressing and emotionally-charged. It may feel like our world is deteriorating quickly, even when it’s not.

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Angry Cat

What to Do When You’re Really Angry

Getting angry is a part of life. None of us will live a life free of stressors, and sometimes, whether we want it to or not, anger bubbles up as we try to deal with our stress. Anger is natural, but the behaviors that come out of anger can be scary, hurtful, and harmful. Below […]

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High five a cat

How to Respond to Rude or Verbally Aggressive People

“Hey idiot, what are you doing reading a book?” A classmate asked my 9 year-old son as he ran by on the playground.  It had been my son’s first day at a new school, he didn’t know anyone, so he took a book out to recess.  “I didn’t even know what to say,” my son reported. […]

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social media depression

When Social Media Depression Happens to You

Marissa opened her Facebook page, and saw a picture of her college roommate with her family.  Her college roommate was celebrating her 15th wedding anniversary, and shared a picture of herself and her family on a Disney cruise to the Caribbean, with a hashtag of #itsawonderfullife.  Marissa groaned, and then started to cry.  Not only […]

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Self-Care Practices for Work or School

“I should be able to do this better,” thinks April.  “I just can’t get this project to go well.  My work is so hard!”  April, like many people, is feeling frustrated and upset about a task at her workplace.  As a result, she blames herself, which likely increases her stress, sadness, and job satisfaction.  Some […]

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Defusion: You Are Not Your Thoughts

“I am so stupid, I can’t believe I did that!”  Cathy yelled out loud and hit her steering wheel.  Unintentionally, she just backed her car into a fire hydrant.  Her car was damaged, she was going to be late, and her stress was high.  Worst of all, at some point, she had to tell her […]

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Getting Through the Last of Winter

Here in eastern Iowa, we have had a huge March snow, with a likely April snow ahead. The winter has been long, and many of us are feeling it. Given that we can’t control (or even reliably predict) the weather, especially here in Iowa, here are a few tips for pushing through until the warmth […]

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tough day

4 Quick Check-Ins to Change the Course of a Tough Day

SO, YOU’VE HAD A TOUGH DAY….. Tough day step 1: Ask yourself, “Have I taken care of my body today?” On the hardest of days, many of us typically miss a meal.  Some of us eat only foods that make us feel good right away (think: sugar).  We can also overload on caffeine to get […]

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Grounding and Gratitude

Being present and experiencing the world around us is so important. Around the holidays, many of us experience a wide array of emotions, from stress and overwhelm, to joy, excitement, and love. Grounding in the here and now can be a great way to slow down and experience the world around you. Here are two […]

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