In-Network Insurance

Adult ADHD

We are in-network for the following insurance companies

  • Anthem*
  • Blue Cross*
  • Blue Shield*
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield*
  • Health Partners*
  • Midlands Choice*
  • Value Options*

*It may depend on the plan or on the insurance.

Insurance Reimbursement

For us to set realistic treatment goals and priorities, it is important for you to evaluate what resources you have available to pay for your services. If you have a health insurance policy that is listed above, it will usually provide some coverage for mental health treatment.

You (not your insurance company) are responsible for full payment of our fees. It is very important that you find out exactly what mental health services your insurance policy covers prior to your first appointment.

You should carefully read the section in your insurance coverage booklet that describes mental health services. We request that you call your plan administrator prior to your first appointment to verify your benefits and receive your authorization for mental health services. We will provide you with whatever information we can based on our experience and will be happy to help you in understanding the information you receive from your insurance company.

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