About Dr. Tara Ohrt

Licensed Psychologist, State of Iowa

Tara Ohrt

Dr. Tara Ohrt works in two primary areas:

Psychotherapy with adults.

Dr. Ohrt works with adults with a wide variety of concerns, including sleep concerns body image issues, depression, anxiety, interpersonal trauma, relationship concerns, and self-esteem concerns. She also works with people struggling with identity issues. She welcomes clients from diverse backgrounds and is a LGTBQ+ supportive provider.

Neuropsychological Evaluation.

Dr. Ohrt works with children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of concerns, including ADHD, Learning Concerns, Emotional Concerns, Autism Spectrum, Dyslexia, and other psychological issues. She utilizes a warm and interactive approach and provides high-quality care in this area. For more information on neuropsychological testing, please click on this link.


Arizona State University, PhD in Clinical Psychology (in progress)
Arizona State University, MA in Psychology
Cornell College, BA in Psychology and Music (Flute Performance)

Clinical Areas of Interest

Anxiety and Stress, Depression, Life Transitions and Adjustments, Identity Development or concerns, Disordered Eating and Body, Image, Behavior and Emotion Dysregulation, Sleep, Relationship between mental health and physical health, neuropsychological and psychological testing

Personal Hobbies

Spending time with family and friends, game nights, baking, playing my flute, completing puzzles, reading, geocaching, snuggling with my cat Optimus Prime (when he lets me)