How to Help Your Child Open Up to You.

Helping Your Child Open Up to You

Children commonly have a hard time talking to their parents. It can be hard to open up. For some, it is a normal developmental stage. Other children are described by parents as shy or sensitive.   Additionally, children with anxiety or depression often keep difficult thoughts, feelings, and experiences to themselves.    There are many reasons that children […]

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4 Things to Improve How You Communicate with People

Communication is difficult, and often very complex. Everyone has a slightly different style; some people are highly animated, while others are quiet and reserved. Some people tend to be very direct and clear about what they mean, and others use more subtle clues in their communication to get their meaning across. As we all try […]

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Conversations About Diversity

“Discussions about culture move us forward as a society and expand our world views. Just because you may live in a place without much diversity does not mean you cannot open your mind or think critically about the struggles of marginalized populations and appreciate the little and big moments we are experiencing today.”

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When You (Accidentally) Offend Someone

It can feel terrible when you unintentionally offend someone.  It can happen in marriage, with friends, or at work.  It can even happen with people we don’t know well.  It happens to everyone at some point or another. None of us want to be responsible for someone feeling hurt or angry.  Handled poorly, it creates […]

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How to Respond to Rude or Verbally Aggressive People

“Hey idiot, what are you doing reading a book?” A classmate asked my 9 year-old son as he ran by on the playground.  It had been my son’s first day at a new school, he didn’t know anyone, so he took a book out to recess.  “I didn’t even know what to say,” my son reported. […]

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