Mindfulness Nature

Mindfulness with Nature

Read this article to learn more about how to use mindfulness through nature. Mindfulness in Action I turned the corner at the Iowa Arts Festival, and saw picture after picture of nature: raw, beautiful, and unique. “Oh, look at how cool these are,” I said to my son. “What’s so cool?” asked a voice behind […]

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Self-Care and Self-Compassion Improves Parenting

Self-compassion is an important part of parenting children and adolescents.  A few years ago, the Washington Post published an article called “Teaching Children Self-Compassion by Modeling it Ourselves” by Mandy Lange.  The article addresses the idea that children learn how to respond to their difficulties, stressors, and mistakes through their own experiences, and through what […]

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Self-Care Practices for Work or School

“I should be able to do this better,” thinks April.  “I just can’t get this project to go well.  My work is so hard!”  April, like many people, is feeling frustrated and upset about a task at her workplace.  As a result, she blames herself, which likely increases her stress, sadness, and job satisfaction.  Some […]

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My Dog’s Mindfulness Gift

“Your dog is so mindful!” my neighbor yelled across the street. Although my kind neighbor was referring to my dog’s obedience, I smirked at the literal thought of my dog’s mindfulness.  Mindfulness happens when we notice everything in the present moment.  In doing so, we are often more grateful and more content.  Sunshine, my 7-month-old Golden […]

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Savor and Observe What You Consume

We are a culture that CONSUMES We are great consumers of food, coffee, alcohol, information, clothes, cars, concerts – if there is a thing, and that thing is good, we consume as much of it as we can. Sometimes, this tendency is harmless; then again, sometimes, it’s a pretty big problem. One of the ways […]

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Just one thing

Just One Thing and That Is Enough

A wise friend once said to me:

“Mollie, you’d never buy a footlong sub and then tell yourself – ‘I better eat this all in one bite.’”

At the time, I had a good laugh. And now, years later, I think of this all the time. Because when you put it that way, it makes so much sense – it’s crazy to set an expectation like that. You’d choke, you’d be sick, and you’d feel really terrible about that sandwich.

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No-Guilt Mindfulness

No-Guilt Mindfulness

My alarm goes off, quietly at first, and then a little louder. I turn it off, and then start my daily practice. What do I hear? I listen. I hear the birds chirping, the dog snoring quietly, the sound of my spouse making coffee downstairs. What do I feel? I notice the cool breeze from my fan, the softness of my blanket, and the comfort of my bed. What do I see? I slowly open one eye to appreciate the soft, dappled light through my window and the blue sky on the other side. What do I smell? The scent of my laundry detergent still lingers on my pillowcase. What am I grateful for? I am grateful for this day, for my life, for meaningful work, for my family. I take 4 deep breaths and I get out of bed. Thus ends my meditation for the day.

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Woman holding cup

Small, Meaningful Moments

Sometimes, the world just moves too quickly. Sometimes, there is too much to do, or too much to think about. Sometimes there is too much noise, too much activity, too many electronics, or too many pressures. Sometimes, there is too much drama or just too much talking.

Sometimes, less is more.

But, it is tough to know how to do less. After all, we can’t just tell our bosses or teachers, “no,” when job responsibilities or homework assignments are expected. We can’t just tell our band director that we can’t do the band concert this week or we can’t tell our boss that an important project is not a priority.

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Mindfulness in Five Very Easy Steps

Mindfulness meditation practice seems difficult. The truth is, however, it couldn’t be easier. You can practice anytime, anywhere. Mindfulness is just about noticing the moment and being present in your actions and the world. Some people find good benefit to a regular, formal mindfulness practice. You can do this in a few simple steps: Sit […]

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