Suicide Help: Get Familiar, Get Talking, Get Educated

Suicide help can be an intimidating topic Even using the word suicide can halt a conversation. Unfortunately, this tends to lead to fear, shame, and silence. What we know – undoubtedly – is that fear, shame, and silence are not the answer. Below are a few things to know about suicide help, and a few […]

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adolescent suicide

Teen Suicide and “13 Reasons Why”

Many parents, children, and adolescents have been spending time talking about the book and follow-up mental health series, 13 Reasons Why. This series graphically details teenage sexual assault, bullying, and suicide. The main character tragically dies by suicide.It is always good to offer discussion and awareness about mental health. However, all over the world, mental […]

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Suicide: How to Talk to Your Child About It

It can be very difficult to talk to children about suicide Suicide is often very confusing and difficult for children and adults to understand. Many adults have mixed reactions, often questioning spiritual truths, models of mental illness, and issues of choice. Many survivors of suicide report a combination of feelings, from anger, anxiety, disbelief, and […]

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