Joyful Snow-showers

Snowflakes, soft and fluffy, were floating down, atop the 8 inches of snow on the ground. I watched my dog delightedly running circles in the yard as if to say, “Yey! Fresh snow! Look at me!” I called my 12 year-old son to the window. “I wonder why all dogs, big or small, short coats […]

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Emotional Regulation: 3 Steps to a Healthier Emotional System

Emotional regulation seems like a complicated process.  But in fact, it is something that we all use every day.  Consider these examples where self-regulation may be helpful: Situation 1: You are driving home from work, and a car cuts you off in traffic, proceeding to drive very slowly in the lane in front of you.  You are frustrated […]

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Woman winning award

Finding Your Way Through Status Anxiety

Issues related to status and college pressures are familiar to many people, particularly given the college admission scandals in the news lately.  Recently, federal prosecutors filed charges against a group of parents who paid someone to “help” admit their children to particular colleges. Specifically, these parents paid to have someone else take standardized entrance exams for […]

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Girl sitting outside

Your Values Can Help You Find Meaning and Contentment

Values are not always something that we consider.  Many of us go through our lives, doing the best we can, doing what we think we need to do. Many of us had parents that taught us how to behave, and how to think about the world.  But values are more than that. Russ Harris states, “Values […]

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The Power of “AND”

“And” is a word that we don’t often think about.  It is quite powerful Let’s start by looking at the following examples “I really liked your presentation, but I think you could make a few improvements” What do you take away from that statement? Do you think you would walk away thinking “boy, that person […]

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Getting Through the Last of Winter

Here in eastern Iowa, we have had a huge March snow, with a likely April snow ahead. The winter has been long, and many of us are feeling it. Given that we can’t control (or even reliably predict) the weather, especially here in Iowa, here are a few tips for pushing through until the warmth […]

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Stop Saying “Sorry” So Much

The other day, someone bumped me with their cart on the way by, while I was quietly searching for a nice soup for lunch. And I turned around and said, “Oh, sorry!” A friend was talking to me about the loss of her pet, and when her tears came (which, of course they would) she […]

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tough day

4 Quick Check-Ins to Change the Course of a Tough Day

SO, YOU’VE HAD A TOUGH DAY….. Tough day step 1: Ask yourself, “Have I taken care of my body today?” On the hardest of days, many of us typically miss a meal.  Some of us eat only foods that make us feel good right away (think: sugar).  We can also overload on caffeine to get […]

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Underdog Is My Spirit Guide: Lessons in Self-Trust

It was a beautiful day on the equator, particularly on this stretch of the Andes Mountains in Ecuador. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and everywhere I looked the flowers were blooming in splendor. It was also hot, and the direct sunlight was intense. Although it was the wet season, it was uncharacteristically dry. […]

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