Depression in Children and Adolescents: How to Help

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Depression affects children, adolescents, and adults. It affects people from all income levels and ethnic backgrounds. Research estimates indicate that at least 2-6% of all children and 10-35 % of all adults are diagnosed with depression in their lifetime. Unfortunately, less than 20% of children receive the help that they need. Because you are now reading this, you are taking action to help your child, and that is a very important choice.

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Depression In Teens Impacts Parent Depression

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Depression is serious business, particularly in children and adolescents.  Depression impacts about of 20 percent of teens prior to adulthood, and research supports that these numbers are increasing.  Sadly, when depression rates increase, so do rates of suicide, self-injury, and substance abuse.  Many times, as parents, we struggle with how to help and what to […]

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social media depression

When Social Media Depression Happens To You

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Marissa opened her Facebook page, and saw a picture of her college roommate with her family.  Her college roommate was celebrating her 15th wedding anniversary, and shared a picture of herself and her family on a Disney cruise to the Caribbean, with a hashtag of #itsawonderfullife.  Marissa groaned, and then started to cry.  Not only […]

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What To Do About Suicide in Children and Adolescents

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Suicide in children and teens is a very frightening and potentially overwhelming topic.  As a result, parents often are not sure what to do.  Furthermore, parents frequently feel very scared and confused.  Sometimes, they even feel angry. If you, or someone you love, is ever in this situation with their child or teen, here is […]

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13 reasons review

13 Reasons Review: A Follow-Up to Address the Seriousness of Teen Suicide

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* Important to note before reading: Recently, Dr. Cindy Anderson wrote a blog post entitled, “Teen Suicide and 13 Reasons Why,” addressing the controversy about the book and tv series, 13 Reasons Why. To give this article context, I would encourage you to read (and re-read!) that article prior to reading this post.   As […]

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Parent Burnout

Parent Burnout Is Real, Yet Treatable

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Parent Burnout Is Real, Yet Treatable Parent burnout is real. It often starts small, and can lead to impairment in a parent’s ability to complete their responsibilities towards their children. It can make it difficult to balance work, social, and family aspects of your life. Unfortunately, if a parent feels distress, the children will too. […]

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adolescent suicide

Child Psychologist Post: Teen Suicide and “13 Reasons Why”

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Many parents, children, and adolescents have been spending time talking about the book and follow-up mental health series, 13 Reasons Why. This series graphically details teenage sexual assault, bullying, and suicide. The main character tragically dies by suicide.It is always good to offer discussion and awareness about mental health. However, all over the world, mental […]

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Child Psychologist Post: Exercise Ideas to Help with Winter Blues

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Shake the Sillies Out: Tips for Parents to Help Their Kids Overcome Winter Blues A few weeks ago, as temperatures plummeted to below zero, we were all reminded that winter is fiercely knocking at the door. The combination of freezing temperatures and shorter hours of daylight doesn’t initially seem so bad. At first the snow […]

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Psychologist Post: 10 Tips to Feel Better from Seasonal Affective Disorder

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Many people have heard of the term, Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. SAD is common in northern climates, and oftentimes people become concerned about it during the winter months. It is relatively common in parts of the world, and can make relationships, work, and daily activities quite difficult at times. It is a type of mood disorder, and it impacts adults, adolescents, and children.

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