Five Ways to Help People Who Are Having a Hard Time

Having a hard time is a pretty normal thing right now. Here are some tips that may help you to better support others (and yourself). There are many people having a hard time right now. If you are one of them, please know that you are not alone. Feeling afraid, hurt, frustrated, or overwhelmed is […]

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5 Things to Know about Kindness

……We all want to believe that we are good people, and that we contribute well to our communities. Acts of kindness and giving, even small gestures, validate these lovely parts of ourselves. What better way to feel like a kind and loving person than through small little actions that put more good out into the world……..

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Healthy Engagement with Sports

Sportsmanship (and compassion for people) is important in both the participation and viewing of sports Sports are a common past-time for many of us.  I was watching the big Bears/Packers rivalry game this week, and saw Aaron Rodgers leave the field with a very painful, and very distressing, injury. I went online to see if […]

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Why Kindness Is Good for You!

Kindness is an important concept to understand. We are programmed to be kind to one another, even though sometimes it seems that the world has lost this instinct. You can train yourself to be kinder, and as a result, you may also be happier, healthier, and find more meaning in your life. Kindness makes us […]

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What Kindness Means to Me: Dr. Mollie Burke

          My story begins the night before I moved away to college. I remember the stillness of the house, the wind streaming through the open window next to my bed, lying awake and grappling with the realization that everything would change in the morning.  A soft knock echoed in the room, and my mom popped […]

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What Kindness Means to Me: Caitlin Hayes

“Give me a Brake!” Caitlin Hayes It was my first year on my own It had to be close to one hundred degrees outside, and my little 1994 Ford Taurus didn’t have A/C. I pulled into the Kirkwood parking lot and went to class. When I came out, my car wouldn’t start, so I called […]

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Holding lights in winter

What Kindness Means to Me: Cindy Anderson

The Power of Kindness “What are you doing for the holidays?” my friend asked me as we were eating dinner together a few weeks Christmas. I explained that we going to see my spouse’s family out of town for a few days.  “But I’m not sure how well I’m going to do with it,” I […]

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Kindness Month

New!!! Hope Springs Kindness Initiative

Happy New Year from Hope Springs! As part of our office’s New Year Resolutions, we want to work on spreading a little more kindness in our community. This February, we are putting on a month-long effort to increase acts of kindness in the community. Here are a few things we wanted you to know: (1)  […]

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