New!!! Hope Springs Kindness Initiative

Happy New Year from Hope Springs!

As part of our office’s New Year Resolutions, we want to work on spreading a little more kindness in our community. This February, we are putting on a month-long effort to increase acts of kindness in the community.

Kindness Month

Here are a few things we wanted you to know:

(1)  It will be easy – anyone can follow us online using the following sites

(2)  We will give a suggestion each day for a small act of kindness to try

  • You could do one a week, one a month, one a day, even more than one a day. There are no rules. Just think about how to spread a little more kindness in your community, and feel free to use our tips if they help!

(3)  We would love for you to try it out, and to spread the word!

  • Do it on your own, with your partner, with your work group, or with your kids! Have fun with it, and see if we can spread a little joy in our community!

We don’t expect anything in return, we simply hope to spread the word and spread a little joy! Thank you for your consideration. Be well – and be kind!


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