Managing Adolescent Grief

Helping a teen through the grief process is not a new concept, but one that is often overlooked. There are many wonderful books for grief targeted towards adults. However, adolescent grief is unique and important to learn about. I was 17 years old when my paternal grandmother passed away. She had been sick for many […]

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Smiling and laughing

Trauma Focused CBT For Children and Adolescents

What is Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)? Trauma-Focused CBT is relationship-based. Your therapist will get to know you and your child, and work with you to feel better. Children and their parents attend sessions together. Also, it uses trauma-sensitive therapy along with with cognitive behavioral, family, and humanistic work. Importantly, the focus is to help […]

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To spare oneself from grief at all costs can only be achieved at the price of total detachment

Healing from Heartbreak and Grief

Have you ever had a broken heart? I don’t mean occasional sadness, but pure grief. The kind of grief that feels like your heart has been torn out, stomped on, and thrown away. The kind of grief that feels like life will never be the same.

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