Spanking Children: A Health Hazard That Increases Misbehavior

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This blog-post is addressing a serious and potentially controversial topic: spanking. It’s a tough thing to talk about, so thank you for being brave and reading this article. New research regarding spanking has been in the news recently, with two ground-breaking studies in the last month. As a result, as a Clinical Child and Adolescent […]

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PCIT Treats ADHD in Children

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No doubt about it, Darren* was a bouncy kid.  He had an infectious laugh, and the other children in his daycare were mesmerized by him.  Whatever he did, it was fun. Darren rarely sat down, he was always moving.  And dancing.  And running.  And even jumping.  He never was still.  Even during naptime.  Then he […]

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PCIT: Parent Child Interaction Therapy at Hope Springs

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Parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT) is an evidence-based behavioral treatment for young children PCIT is designed to help children with emotional and behavioral disorders feel better.  The main goal is to improve  the parent-child relationship and parent-child interaction patterns. Children and their caregivers work together with the therapist. Most of the session time is spent coaching caregivers […]

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