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Creative Self Care in the Winter months!


It’s cold outside, it’s darker, and we definitely can’t enjoy the outdoors as much as we could in those warmer months. If you are like many folks these colder months of the year can be difficult for mood, mental health, and not feeling as fun in general. Many people have to stay inside and tend to focus on screen time, like Netflix, phones, and very little movement. These colder months can last up to 6 months of the year, so figuring out some things to do to enjoy half of our year is definitely important.

There are ways to make the most of this time inside and make it enjoyable for you and your loved ones. Let’s get Creative! There is research that supports how being more creative can help with overall well-being and promote more days of feeling refreshed and more positive. It is also helpful to be more proactive and preventative before the winter blues set in. Try to get off those screens and do some refreshing creative self-care. Below are a few ideas to help make the indoors a little more fun and engaging.

Make your space your happy place!

Decorate, change it up, the environment around us sometimes reflects how we feel inside. Taking the time to make your surroundings comforting, fun, more organized, or different than usual can feel so refreshing. Pick a space or a room in your house and move around the furniture, organize it in a new way, or decorate it for the holidays. This is a way to care for oneself by making your space beautiful.

Craft it up!

Go to a craft store and look for a fun project to do on your own, with friends, or with family. Grab a coloring book or painting project to help you decompress after a long day and get those creative vibes flowing. Getting ourselves out of our comfort zone and trying something new can help expand our minds and hearts to new things in life.

Yummy in my tummy 🙂

Try a new recipe for dinner or bake a fun dessert. Sometimes we can get into ruts with cooking the same things and there are so many different dishes out there. Trying out a meal subscription service can also be a creative way to make life easier and try something new. I started one this summer and I am loving it!

Game night!

A fun way to connect with others and get our brains pumping is to play some games. This can be a one on one card games, board games, or any kind of game that can help us connect with others in a fun way. Games really help us stay in the present moment, challenge ourselves mentally, and can bring lots of laughter inside.

Music for the Soul

Listening to music is a great way to enjoy doing even mundane tasks around the house, calming down with some soothing music, nature sounds to chill out, sing along, or pump it up with some dance music! Moving our bodies can be so helpful in decreasing levels of stress and anxiety. Turning on our favorite songs to dance it out alone or with loved ones is an awesome time. Dancing is definitely one of my favorite things to do to let loose and enjoy life!

Trying some of these things to help us stay present and enjoy our lives in the moment can help us feel more refreshed, approach life with a positive outlook, and have some fun!


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